Sexy Holiday in Thailand

Thailand at night with chic clubs and sexy young women.

Thailand at night with chic clubs and sexy young women, gay entertainment and ladyboys. This is sometimes real hot stuff quite different to other countries but there is also other entertainment its the number one holiday travel destination for men.
Try a great Thai restaurant for dinner, one of the go-go bars at Patong, Nana Plaza and elsewhere, maybe a chic cocktail bar in a luxury hotel such as the Oriental and much more. The main nightlife attractions in Thailand are located in Bangkok Phuket Pattaya and Danok..

The best is when you arrive buy a Bangkok Post newspaper and have a look through the entertainment section (the best is on Thursday), that's real fresh and exiting, most what you read in the internet in terms of nightlife in Thailand news are not new its fresh information to give an overall idea but the real fresh stuff its in the newspaper and the small magazines available for free in every better hotel. Pls. note that Thailand is different if someone judge the country of smiles with European convention or US ideas he or she better pack the luggage and move elsewhere since they are on the wrong planet.